Monday, April 29, 2013

Music by ~M[]PTZAR~ pastels,and paintings by M[]THERSKY DRAGONFLY~

REVEALING MY S[]UL ~Glitter kisses X[]x
~I won't give up [I WILL PAINT AGAIN,and open a consignment shoppe=Jabip Village,[]ne stone @t a time,hope you'll be there,hope to have live Google hang out's S[]MEDAY,hint,hint,to Google+,God be willing~art By Alezia,un-finihed works,part of [HEALING IS SHARING]....

Friday, April 26, 2013

Otis Gibbs~Made to break~

Upcoming concerts FRIDAY 30 AUGUST 2013 – SUNDAY 01 SEPTEMBER 2013 Muddy Roots Music Festival 2013 Black Flag, Shooter Jennings, Larry and His Flask, Left Lane Cruiser, Dale Watson, Austin Lucas, Deadbolt, and The Monsters Cookeville, TN, US

~Moptzar~"Lost Horizon,set to the video W[]MAN,painted by Alezia

Moptzar Play Lost Horizon 1 year 1.07.56Click to play LikeRepostShare

Thursday, April 25, 2013

~Glen Hansard~leave


[]N TWITTER~FRI MAY 31, 2013 - 8:00 PM Dark Waters End The M Room 15 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA

~March,on March~"FRAIL"

[]n Twitter,and Google + ~Art by Dark Dragon,from Motherskies,Village....[aka Dragonflyalezia/twitter,and Google + at X[]x

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Atlantic/take care~official video

The Atlantic @TheAtlanticBand Management: @sightinsound @TheJessicaEss @DaveyNewton Chicago, IL ·

Friday, April 12, 2013

~Allies to the Adversary~ MIRRORS



Painful Reality

They call it PTSD,post tramatic stress disorder.Post because it is in the past, I has altered me,I can't change the thing's that happened.....I am left to deal with the consequences....I am reminded every day, my mind broke, my soul broke,my body broke=but my spirit is getting stronger.....I will forever be sorry for my actions, but my God [it is a medical condtion]....And L[]VE is suppose to be un-conditional, I don't want your pity,just your understanding.....I has alway's been my belief= NEVER SAY,NEVER! I am beginning to understand,my under laying rage.....I've never had any one to protect me,but myself.....such painful reality,so you see that is where that "over my dead body",phase I say comes from= "friend or foe" As my mind,and body heal,and my back is is against the wall......You get the point, you realy find out who your freind's are, when times are tough= Well, I'm learning to live in reality.....I'm sorry to those,that were not strong enough,to share these days with me.....Let leave the past, in the past= although I've learned, I'm alot stronger, than I ever knew.....My Family say's " I becoming myself again, who ever that is....I only know,my nightmares are get less, but my body,fail's me at times= I can live with that.......I am becoming,a better person,flaws and all! I still can't fly,but I won't give up! X[]x