Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Hate 's a prision in []ur heart, the []nly thing that keeps Us apart. Everybody have yo heard L[]VE will set You fre"

"Everybody spread the word, L[]VE will set Y[]U FREE! I was held by the Hater, L[]VE conquers All~ " We empower the hater, when We hate back= I choose L[]VE ,L[]VE will set You FREE"
[keep in mind I don't have television at home] I'm what they call hyper sensitive]~My Daughter,and I spent the night at My Mother's~ And I'm so glad We did, a terrible storm tore through []ur area.It hit hard in []ur New Jersey Area.....  I feel disturbed, by all that I see on the News..... Murders, and Robbery, They found a young woman's body in a duffle bag. I pray for the Family, I pray She didn't suffer..... I don't understand All the hate in the World. I don't understand the War's = We are all the SAME, what divides Us is Good vs Evil...... Hate,I don't understand Hate, I wish all L[]VE today.Even the Hater, who's filled with evil~ I Pray God, fills Your soul with L[]VE.....I was down in the fires of hells.[Never deny Your faith in God, He is Your LIFE LINE, He is L[]VE]

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